Getting Code Reviewed shouldn't feel like buying a house

Cantina is the one-stop shop for all your security needs, allowing you to source the best network of teams, freelancers, and services to keep your smart contracts secure.

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Cantina is a marketplace for web3 security solutions that enables organizations to easily book security services with their desired team, price, and timeframe.

Cantina Reviews is a unique service offered by Cantina. It focuses on providing a seamless and worry-free booking experience to organizations for managed team security reviews. In this model, Cantina takes the reins and assumes the responsibility of team selection, enabling a more streamlined and efficient process. These team reviews carry the Cantina logo, giving a unified identity to the service.

Cantina Competitions are crowdsourced security reviews powered by Cantina Code to be efficient, high-signal, and provide maximum code coverage for web3 protocols seeking mass-scale reviews from the best security researchers across the ecosystem, all competing and incentivized by a pot put forth by the protocol. With Cantina Competitions you will have hundreds of quality security researchers scouring your codebase.